Career development seminarを開催しました

The lecture was held both onsite and online. This time we had Dr. Makoto Yawata from NUS and Dr. Shigeki Sugii from A*STAR as speakers.


There were three topics in this lecture. The first was an introduction to career tracks in the life sciences and biomedical research. The second was the tenure system in academia. And the last was about strategies for research career development overseas.


In the first part, we started with an overview of the wide range of career fields. Then, I learned about the tenure-track system in academia and the assessment criteria for securing tenure. After that, I learned about the multiple roles of a principal investigator.


In the second part, I understood the job application process. The lecturer also showed us how to prepare the application materials. One thing that particularly impressed me was the differences between a CV and a resume. Afterwards, I learned how to prepare for a job interview.


In the third part, I learned some strategies for common reasons for failure in a job search, as well as the mindset of successful researchers.


As an international student researcher, I have been worried about how to plan for my future. Although I am not a medical professional, this seminar has given me renewed confidence to plan my work, thanks to the rich experience of the two lecturers. Secondly, I realized how many careers there are for researchers to choose from. Thirdly, I systematically learned a variety of ways to deal with the challenges of career development. Additionally, since my profession requires collaboration with medical professionals, this seminar has not only been very helpful for me in making my own choices in the future but also in better understanding the needs of my partners and how to assist them.







(written by: 宋海倫)